career development

A career developing plan is a guide, sometimes referred as a map for all the actions needed for achieving your goals for the career you will be taking. In our modern society everything is about competition and getting ahead of your competitors.

Create A Career Development Plan In Just 5 Simple Steps.

career development

Therefore, the ones who design a plan are some steps ahead of someone who is doing everything as things develop without any thought before at all. You don’t want to be at age 40 without ever being ascended to where you wanted to go before. You also don’t want to end up where you didn’t want because you didn’t take enough information regarding real possibilities about how things should have been done with previous time.

 In this article we will review 5 easy steps that can help you organize your own career development plan:

Step 1 Start dreaming

This is so important because life is to live it at its fullest. You need to have some passion for something even if it looks so distant for yourself, start thinking about successful plans, what is the most interesting stuff for you. What would be the best thing to do for the rest of your life. Dream, imagine. Think that everything is possible and that you just need to imagine it to become real.

By doing this exercise you will realize of what is your dream, what is your deepest desire. Think about everything involved on these dreams, imagine yourself as a professional, as a parent or as a spouse in case you want to do it in your life, of course. You can create several paths for this, you can say I want to be either an engineer in mechanical stuff or an engineer in communications, or an entrepreneur in a pharmaceutical company, etc.

By doing this exercise you will notice what drives you on life. People need to identify first where they want to be. It might look curious for yourself but most people don’t know what they want in their lives. If you don’t know where you want to go, then you have arrived already! Of course, that means nothing, but it is a good comparison of how things are in reality.

Step 2 Think of possibilities

This is probably the saddest thing of all, you need to know what you are really capable of. First you were flying so high that you were dreaming so deeply in your thoughts about ideal circumstances for yourself, then it comes the cruel reality: you need to have your feet on earth to realize real possibilities.

In case you want something that requires your money to compete in a short-term period of time and you are not capable of gathering that amount of money then it is nearly impossible to achieve it. With this you start ruling out options that you were considering in the prior discussed step. Maybe you started with 10 possibilities and with this filter you finish up with only 3 possibilities.

thinking possibilities

There are cases when after doing this step people need to go back again to step 1 to think about it twice because real possibilities were not considered before. This exercise doesn’t mean that you need to do only easily achievable goals in life, because if something is desired and you are willing to achieve it whatever it takes then you should consider it as a real possibility, or at least as an alternative possible path.

Step 3 Design a plan of short, medium and long term

Now you’ve taken a decision. It’s time to polish it. In this step you will think about how specifically you are going to organize whatever is needed for taking your path seriously. You will be noticing every aspect needed for your plan to accomplish it. It is necessary for you to keep in touch with professionals that have already accomplish something similar to identify what is needed and how much time they needed to devote on each step.

By doing this your plans will adapt a better form. Therefore, you can start thinking about short, medium and long-term goals. In each goal you need to focus on actions needed for giving another step further each and every time. There are certain positions where you can only apply with a previous certification or a previous diploma or with previous experience, then you can say, ok.

3 years for this process, another 2 years for this, etc. So that you can do everything on time, every step is leading you to beat your competitors because you are taking decisions earlier than they. Some positions require you to follow a specific path, most people take 2 or 3 paths that aren’t connected and therefore end up in the same category where they initiated because they never took one step further for that specific path.


Experience is always a welcome thing when it comes to job matters, but experiences focused on a specific area and not many disconnected areas gives you the advantage to perfectionate your skills for a particular thing and you will have better chances to be more qualified for you job.

Step 4 Gather all the resources needed for achieving your goals

Now it’s time to action on things. By having your times set up it’ll be essential to act accordingly to your goals. With this you will notice that in some cases you will need help from someone, you will need to travel to some place to take some skilled preparation, etc. So, you’re going to gather all the information, all the money and connections for every plan.


This step is also crucial because it is useless to know where you want to go and what is needed but you are not doing anything at all for that. Try to have some alternative options in case one contact is lost or things change a little bit. As future is unpredictable things start changing as time goes on, therefore you should have several options in case some things have changed a lot. Nonetheless you can’t say, OK, I’ll see how things goes on by then because it’s the same as not having a plan. Remember, future is unpredictable but against several options you can overcome any adversity.

Step 5 Constant evaluation of the outcomes and where you are going

In this final step you will see that as time goes on you can evaluate everything you’re doing and what outcomes, either expected or unexpected have resulted from real live action. This evaluation comes in handy for readapting your plans for every period of time set up previously. So that you can reorganize things or make some adjustments. Sometimes it is better to be more adaptable to circumstances than being so stubborn with things previously adjusted. This evaluation needs to be focused on what you achieved, what was missed, what needed to be done with better determination and what can alter to posterior plans.

In case you need to restructure your career development plan so dramatically, don’t look at this as a setback because you were doing everything needed to get you to were you wanted to be. It wasn’t a waste of time because you are using a designed planed that can give you better results every time.

Luck is something that plays a fundamental part in success, luck is something we can’t control at all, that’s why there is no one path that can guarantee you success in your career, but one thing that will help you get up from any fall in this life is the evaluation of outcomes, by registering things that were failing, every detail can give you the key to see what is fundamental in order to not fall again anymore. With this every setback is seen as an opportunity to grow and a great experience in life because you know exactly what was missing.

Financial Success

As you can see it, career development plant is a powerful tool that can give us and advantage point in life to succeed accordingly as planned. Life is extremely short and opportunities are scarce, the objective of life is to become successful and that means that you were not wasting time with things of no relevance for you. It also means that you don’t end up doing something just because it gives you a source of money and stability but in your inner self you are detesting that job.

It is also important to highlight that by planning things before events can make the difference between making something impossible to possible. You need to be armed with all tools for competing in our world because as time goes on there is more population willing to take those positions and with our more-frequent economic crisis support for many areas have been affected so fewer job positions are offered.