Every company needs a good leader in there. Every organization is looking for leaders to run their businesses. We can say that leadership is a well rated quality in someone’s skillset. However, if you are looking for a job that requires you to be a natural leader you might need some help for it.

 Leadership can be something earned naturally as some people are born with Charisma and good social skills, but others need to improve their few abilities to become a leader. How to do it? You can follow these steps to develop a nice skillset of leadership traits.


For me this is the most important thing of all. Empathy means being able to feel what other people are feeling. Empathy is needed for a leader because he or she is going to require to lead people to an objective for the organization and it is needed to comprehend their situations.

Empathy is developed by lots of listening and communication, you might also need to read emotions in the form of non-verbal language.

You can determine if someone is disposed to do something or not if you develop empathy good enough. You can also identify how to help someone on a moral level. It can also help you to focus on special circumstances that may be external to someone’s performance on his or her tasks in there.

Many leaders forget this part and finally there is no enough understanding of the situation because he or she can’t put himself in their shoes to feel what they are feeling.


Listening goes more deeply than mere effective communication. This is a humble act that brings confidence to teammates, its mere act reflects a warm example of support and of confidence in them. A leader should listen carefully to what everybody wants to speak. By doing this regularly you should be able to create confidence with everybody in your team. That is something that if it is done properly with everybody can create an environment that all people is important in their organization, that helps them to give 100% of them in their respective tasks, because they feel that their assignment is also significant for a correct wellness of their company.


Situations change dramatically in an organization. You need to adapt to diverse situations and act accordingly. Some times you may need to act eagerly as soon as possible, other times you may need to be patient and wait until a nice opportunity to act happens. We want to be systematic in our acting when it is job environment.

A leader may want that every day certain time is devoted for a specific activity, but reality says that adaptability is required for making necessary changes to schemes, times and change of personnel.

This thing of personnel changes is incredibly usual, we all want to keep the same good elements in our company. We want to have the support of those great people that we can rely on, but life’s circumstances change that and they move to other places or you just simply lose your previous personnel.

Thus, you need to understand how to act with all those changes and give results to your organization.

Project planning

Everything needs to be done with previous time of events to give better results, therefore project planning is needed for a leader. You should be able to focus on priorities, emergencies and optional goals for your company and prepare a plan for an excellent execution of tasks for your teammates. A good leader is always five or six steps ahead of events, on the other hand a bad leader is always acting on emergencies because he or she doesn’t have good project planning.


This comes to major importance in case your job position is something like a CEO. Decision making should be taken accordingly to innovation and possible changes in market. You should also do this for promoting your personnel that by your visionary skills, allows you to understand he or she can make a great impact with a new more responsible position. Many leaders keep their good teammates in places where they don’t fit. Therefore, visionary leaders make the difference for greater achievements.


People are completely identified with ego. And with that there are ego needs that require to be filled with some acknowledgment. Give thanks to every positive action someone is doing because that creates a positive effect on him or her. People feel complete when their achievements are recognized, they feel important and they feel with the energy for repeat those positive results. In the opposite case you see people who are not interested on putting some extra effort from themselves because they will never receive any acknowledgment. You should increase the wellness of your teammates, don’t focus only on getting their attention when they are doing things the wrong way, leaders usually forget to use this skill to improve results in their companies.


Oh yeah! Motivation is always needed. A leader should bring that feeling every time he or she is present and when he or she is absent. You should be positive every time, you need to create a nice environment in your workplace. Some experts say that motivation is usually what makes the difference in great places to work in comparison with regular places to work. Motivation means that everybody is excited with companies’ results because they feel they belong in there. You should allow your teammates to joke and bring the best of themselves every day. You can learn how to motivate your teammates by listening to them and feeling their reactions to information and to orders.

You can also give some motivational speeches whenever is needed, there are always difficult situations that develop when we never expect them, so a leader that pumps up all of the workers in there can give good results even in the worst scenarios. That makes a considerable difference when we talk about overcoming tough situations.   


Responsibility brings the feeling that you are taking your job seriously, it also brings better results for your company because you are there when it is needed and every part of your responsibilities are being completed by yourself. Some leaders start feeling that they only supervise things in order that every one else do their things. The thing is that a leader´s job is crucial, they need to be there and do their job in a responsible way. Improve your responsibility’s skills by doing things in a regular basis, that will make it easier for you to keep doing the same everytime.


A leader needs to be respect, but respect is something that needs to be earned. Behavior is important for making your teammates respect you. You need to look serious but do not exaggerate on it because you will probably look so distant to your employees. You need to put order when things run out of control, otherwise some chaos is going to start happening to your business. A respected leader can give an order and this order is taken immediately. It has not to be because of fear of them. Some leaders lose this important thing and they end up giving orders and orders causing fear to run things properly. That creates a fastidious work environment and worse results are expected form these type of reactions of a leader.

In conclusion, now you see that a leader needs to possess several skills in order to function as according to his or her position. Here we reviewed 10 important skills and how to develop them in a proper way, however there are more things to consider to the moment of playing your role perfectly. Good leaders are the ones that always keep improving and they listen to feedback from other people so that they can get better. Today’s challenges in modern life are requiring good leaders in crucial positions of some organizations.